Unique Baby Shower Ideas

As a non-traditional couple you may be wondering just what you can do in order to make your baby shower as fun and as unique as you both are. With just a few ideas, you are sure to plan a truly unique baby shower that is an expression of your quirks, your interests, and wholly you.

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A Backyard Blast

While gaining in popularity, the backyard party or barbeque is still considered to be somewhat unique, as it strays away from the dainty finger sandwiches baby shower that most of us consider to be the traditional norm. One of the great things about hosting this kind of large party is that every member of the family can join in on the celebrations; the gents, the kids, and even the family pets.

Gifts for the dad-to-be could include six packs and other guy-gear that will make his job a little bit more manageable once he is on midnight diaper duty.

Sci-Fi Fun

For the sci-fi-loving parents, a baby shower that incorporates some of their favorite science fiction television shows or movies can be a ton of fun. From a Star Wars or a Star Trek-themed baby shower, to a Doctor Who or even a retro E.T.-themed baby shower; there are no limits to where your creativity and love of science fiction could take your baby shower.

Cocktail Party

Naturally the mother-to-be can’t indulge in any adult beverages, but the beverages served do not necessarily have to be alcohol-infused. There are countless virgin cocktails that can be a lovely and elegant addition to a cocktail party that is every bit as fun as you’d hope it would be.

A cocktail party baby shower is a great opportunity for the expectant parents to enjoy one of their last elegant evenings alone before their little one makes his or her grand entrance.

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A Lake or River Cruise

What better way to enjoy spending time with friends and family, celebrating the new addition to the family than with a gorgeous lake or river cruise. Many of the companies that host pleasure cruises will be able to accommodate a baby shower, and all of your invited guests.

To avoid the need to haul gifts off of the boat at the end of the cruise, ask your guests to have gifts delivered, or opt for gift cards in lieu of gifts.

The Fund-Raising Baby Shower

For the parents who have everything they need for their little ones, a baby shower is an excellent opportunity to raise funds or collect items for a favorite charity. You could ask your guests to bring along non-perishable food items, including baby formula, to donate to area food banks, or ask your guests to bring dog and cat food to donate to your local animal shelter.

Donating new and gently used children’s clothing to area women’s shelters is also sure to be greatly appreciated. Transforming your baby shower into an opportunity to give to those who have less is something that will be incredibly rewarding in countless ways.

Your baby shower can be as unique and creative as you’d like for it to be. There are no hard and fast rules about the theme your baby shower needs to have. So if you’d like to incorporate a jewelry party or a pool party into your baby shower then you should do so! A pool party is sure to provide plenty of splashing fun for those hot summer days.

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