Second Baby Shower Invitation Wording

What a joy it is to have a second child and, along with that, comes the pleasure to throw another fun baby shower! You’ve already thrown a baby shower once – so we could almost say that you’re a pro at this,  but, just in case you need a refresher, here are some tips and tricks to make your second baby shower invitations the best they can be.

Second Baby Shower Pregnancy

When creating your second baby shower invitation wording it is customary to mention that this is in fact your second baby shower. This not only sets the mood but also helps guests choose the right gifts for you.

Talking about gifts, since you may already own a lot of baby products, we recommend making a “gift wish list” to help your guests choose the perfect baby shower gifts for you. (Think about that Graco double stroller… you know you want it.)

For the guest list, given that it will probably be very similar to the first baby shower, we recommend using the 1st baby shower invitation guest list as a starting point and add people accordingly. Also, since you will have a lot of returning guests, most invitees will already know that this invitation is for your second baby shower.

Given that this will be your second child, you may want to bring along your first baby boy or baby girl for the celebration. In this case, it is generally a good idea to make your second baby shower kid friendly. This is also a great idea for your guest that have kids and might not be able to get a nanny for the day.

In summary:

  • Mention that this is your second baby shower – be playful with the invitations wording
  • Make a Gift With List to help your guests easily pick the right gifs for you
  • Send your invitations as early as possible to allow your guests to plan accordingly for the event
  • Use your 1st baby shower guest list as a starting point (you don’t want to leave any previous invitees out)
  • If possible, make the second baby shower kid friendly

Second Baby Shower Invitation Wording Poems

Below are a couple examples of second baby shower invitation wording poems you might want to use for inspiration – or for the invitation:

  • One son was so much fun,
    (name of parents-to-be)
    thought they’d have another one!
  • So cute and cuddly,
    so sweet and fun,
    (name of parents-to-be)
    are expecting a new little one!
  • What could be sweeter in a house full of boys,
    A bundle of pink, oh what a joy!

For many more baby shower invitation wording examples visit our baby shower invitation wording page.


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