Real Simple Baby Shower Ideas

Real Simple Baby Shower Theme

Baby show­ers can be a time con­sum­ing task, but we are going to try and give you some ideas that will be easy, sim­ple, and fun! A show­er is all about cel­e­brat­ing the new life that’s com­ing into the world and hav­ing a great time. So just remem­ber to keep it sim­ple so you can focus on the lat­er.

The ideas on this page require very lit­tle mate­ri­als, time, and set­up, so that you can go ahead and start hav­ing fun!

Real Simple Invitation Ideas

Don’t wor­ry about try­ing to cre­ate your own invi­ta­tions! We already have some Free Baby Show­er Invi­ta­tion Tem­plates for Word cre­at­ed for you, so all you have to do is plug in the cor­rect info. Here are two exam­ples:


But, just incase you would like to know some basic fun­da­men­tals of baby show­er invi­ta­tions, the invi­ta­tion col­ors can give a hint to your guests on what col­ors of gifts to get. If you’re unsure or you aren’t wor­ried about the col­ors then pick­ing a more gen­der neu­tral invi­ta­tion — col­or-wise — is a great way to go.

Real Simple Theme Ideas

These theme ideas require a min­i­mal amount of dec­o­ra­tions or set­up time and they give you a lot of wig­gle room to let your cre­ativ­i­ty shine through–they have a base­line of sim­plic­i­ty but can eas­i­ly become an elab­o­rate baby show­er.

Sunflowers and Sunshine Baby Shower Theme

Sunflower for Sunshine Theme

Each day begins with the sun–at least each great day is! There’s noth­ing like a beau­ti­ful sun­ny day, so this baby show­er theme is all about start­ing your baby’s life with pos­i­tive vibes and good ener­gy.

Dec­o­ra­tions would be ori­ent­ed around warm yel­lows, oranges, and reds, which could be in sim­ple cutouts of lit­tle suns, sun­beams, lemons, and sun­flow­ers spaced out through­out the room and table (any­thing that makes you think of sun­shine!) And, of course, the flower arrange­ments on the table(s) would be sun­flow­ers.

Orange juice, iced teas, and lemon­ade are all drinks that cap­ture the essence of a warm, sun­ny day; don’t for­get to add lemons and oranges on the tables for dec­o­ra­tions that you can eat!

Our favorite loca­tion for this theme is out­side in someone’s back­yard or a near­by park. And if you get a nice, hot day we rec­om­mend pro­vid­ing per­son­al fans/misters as par­ty favors to help keep every­one cool. How­ev­er, if the weath­er doesn’t per­mit then inside a home is also great.

PJ Slumber Party Baby Shower Theme

This theme is great for a ladies only baby show­er. Have every­one invit­ed wear their most com­fort­able PJs and tell them to be ready for relax­ing, watch­ing chick flicks, and snack­ing! If this is your sec­ond baby show­er then invit­ing every­one to bring their chil­dren for the sleep­over is also a lot of fun.

Dec­o­ra­tions could be baby PJs, stuffed ani­mals, blan­kets, pil­lows, and have lit­tle “sta­tions” through­out the room for doing each other’s hair, nails, and make­up.

A great loca­tion for this theme would be at someone’s home or, if the bud­get allows, at a hotel or bed and break­fast.

Real Simple Game Ideas

This list of games for your baby show­er are very sim­ple, mean­ing that there’s very lit­tle sup­plies involved and that the set­up requires very lit­tle.

Guess the Baby Product

All you need for this game are a blind­fold and a ran­dom sup­ply of baby prod­ucts — you can even ask each guest to bring an item for the game. Next the mom-to-be will be blind­fold­ed feel­ing the prod­ucts try­ing to guess what each one is. You can also have every­one else take turns to guess the items to have even more fun!

Baby Present Bingo

Baby Present Bingo

First, you will need to know how many guests are com­ing to your baby show­er, so you know how to num­ber your bin­go cards and how many pens to pro­vide. Then you will need to ran­domly place the num­bers on each bin­go card. Sec­ond, you will put a num­ber on each gift at the show­er. As the mom-to-be picks each gift she wants to open she will say which # is on the gift pri­or to open­ing it. Who­ever gets bin­go first wins the prize! Which can be what­ever you would like it to be.

An alter­nate ver­sion from the num­bers way is to test each mom and future mom’s baby prod­uct knowl­edge. Each guest writes in the baby prod­ucts and gifts into the emp­ty cells, and when the mom opens a gift that is that prod­uct you cross it off on your sheet! It’s sim­ple and it can be a fun way to see who the baby show­er vet­er­an is of the group.

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