Real Simple Baby Shower Ideas

Real Simple Baby Shower Theme

Baby showers can be a time consuming task, but we are going to try and give you some ideas that will be easy, simple, and fun! A shower is all about celebrating the new life that’s coming into the world and having a great time. So just remember to keep it simple so you can focus on the later.

The ideas on this page require very little materials, time, and setup, so that you can go ahead and start having fun!

Real Simple Invitation Ideas

Don’t worry about trying to create your own invitations! We already have some Free Baby Shower Invitation Templates for Word created for you, so all you have to do is plug in the correct info. Here are two examples:


But, just incase you would like to know some basic fundamentals of baby shower invitations, the invitation colors can give a hint to your guests on what colors of gifts to get. If you’re unsure or you aren’t worried about the colors then picking a more gender neutral invitation — color-wise — is a great way to go.

Real Simple Theme Ideas

These theme ideas require a minimal amount of decorations or setup time and they give you a lot of wiggle room to let your creativity shine through–they have a baseline of simplicity but can easily become an elaborate baby shower.

Sunflowers and Sunshine Baby Shower Theme

Sunflower for Sunshine Theme

Each day begins with the sun–at least each great day is! There’s nothing like a beautiful sunny day, so this baby shower theme is all about starting your baby’s life with positive vibes and good energy.

Decorations would be oriented around warm yellows, oranges, and reds, which could be in simple cutouts of little suns, sunbeams, lemons, and sunflowers spaced out throughout the room and table (anything that makes you think of sunshine!) And, of course, the flower arrangements on the table(s) would be sunflowers.

Orange juice, iced teas, and lemonade are all drinks that capture the essence of a warm, sunny day; don’t forget to add lemons and oranges on the tables for decorations that you can eat!

Our favorite location for this theme is outside in someone’s backyard or a nearby park. And if you get a nice, hot day we recommend providing personal fans/misters as party favors to help keep everyone cool. However, if the weather doesn’t permit then inside a home is also great.

PJ Slumber Party Baby Shower Theme

This theme is great for a ladies only baby shower. Have everyone invited wear their most comfortable PJs and tell them to be ready for relaxing, watching chick flicks, and snacking! If this is your second baby shower then inviting everyone to bring their children for the sleepover is also a lot of fun.

Decorations could be baby PJs, stuffed animals, blankets, pillows, and have little “stations” throughout the room for doing each other’s hair, nails, and makeup.

A great location for this theme would be at someone’s home or, if the budget allows, at a hotel or bed and breakfast.

Real Simple Game Ideas

This list of games for your baby shower are very simple, meaning that there’s very little supplies involved and that the setup requires very little.

Guess the Baby Product

All you need for this game are a blindfold and a random supply of baby products – you can even ask each guest to bring an item for the game. Next the mom-to-be will be blindfolded feeling the products trying to guess what each one is. You can also have everyone else take turns to guess the items to have even more fun!

Baby Present Bingo

Baby Present Bingo

First, you will need to know how many guests are com­ing to your baby shower, so you know how to num­ber your bingo cards and how many pens to provide. Then you will need to ran­domly place the num­bers on each bingo card. Sec­ond, you will put a num­ber on each gift at the shower. As the mom-to-be picks each gift she wants to open she will say which # is on the gift prior to open­ing it. Who­ever gets bingo first wins the prize! Which can be what­ever you would like it to be.

An alternate version from the numbers way is to test each mom and future mom’s baby product knowledge. Each guest writes in the baby products and gifts into the empty cells, and when the mom opens a gift that is that product you cross it off on your sheet! It’s simple and it can be a fun way to see who the baby shower veteran is of the group.

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