Green Baby Shower Ideas and Tips

If you’re throwing a baby shower for a friend who embraces a green approach to life, then her party should honor her philosophy.  From gifts to games to decorations, there are some great options out there to organize a fun, green baby shower.  Here are the top six suggestions on how to organize a great ecologically-conscious baby shower.

Green Baby Shower Invitations

Consider sending invitations made from recycled paper. offers a wonderful line of 100% recycled invitations with delightfully diverse designs. Better yet, eliminate paper waste 100% and send baby shower invitations electronically through  Emailed invitations also exist as a more cost effective option if you’re on a tight budget.

Green Baby Shower Gifts

After clearing this idea with the mama-to-be, encourage guests to purchase gifts at consignment stores.  Not only will this idea save your guests money, but it also helps out other parents.  Many items at consignment stores are in excellent condition, from clothes to pack-n-plays, and at much more reasonable prices.  You could even create a contest for guests: whoever finds the cutest consignment store outfit wins a great prize!  The parents-to-be may want some items, such a cribs and car seats new, so also be sure to discuss this idea first.

Green Baby Shower Games

Get rid of the candy-bar-in-the-diaper game and guess-which-baby-food-this-is game and opt for something greener.  A great idea would be decorating organic onesies for the new baby.  Let guests create a beautiful and practical gift and offer small prizes for different categories such as crowd favorite, most artistic, and cutest.

Wrapping Gifts for a Green Shower

Consider asking guests to creatively wrap gifts in reusable items such as bags, baskets, bath towels, or baby blankets.  This option greatly reduces trash and provides the mama-to-be with useful items!

Green Baby Shower Decorations

Keep the decorations simple yet beautiful.  Opt for potted flowers, herbs, and other plants spread throughout the venue; these could also double as favors at the end of the party.  Another great idea for a green centerpiece would be a diaper cake; you could make this out of eco-conscious diapers such as those made by Seventh Generation, of if the parents to be are planning on cloth diapering, then create the cake out of various sizes of pre-folds.

Green Baby Shower Tableware

If you can, use reusable cups, plates, and flatware during the party.  If this option isn’t feasible, consider purchasing Veneerware®, which is made from bamboo and certified organic; it is biodegradable and safe for the environment.  It can be purchased here.  Consider using cloth napkins instead of paper ones as well!

With a bit of planning, a green baby shower can be a beautiful event!  As you’re organizing, just keep brainstorming on how to eliminate trash during the party.  Get creative with invitations, decorations, and games to keep the party green. Help baby enter the world with the smallest carbon footprint possible by using some or all of these suggestions.

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