Couples Baby Shower Games

A baby shower is a beautiful and exciting time for all new parents. Whether you are expecting the imminent arrival of your little one or he / she is here in the world already, you will want to celebrate big style! Begun in the US, the baby shower has caught on the world over and is a great way for mom to relax, have fun and to enjoy the arrival of her bundle of joy.

Baby showers can be whatever you want them to be so long as they are fun! It is usual practice for anyone but mom to arrange the party – she has enough to do, yes? Also when deciding on the party itself it’s always fun to bring it together by means of a theme running through it. This can be anything you fancy and you can pick couple baby shower games to suit.

Now it is traditional to only have ladies at the baby shower however it is lovely to mix it up and get our men folk involved. Men however can get a little light headed at the tales of labor and such so why not put the main focus on fun and games instead?

Making Baby – Couples Baby Shower Game Idea #1

This game is a great one to set off the proceedings and to break the ice. All the girls are given pink modeling dough, the boys are given blue and each has to make the cutest baby possible in a certain amount of time. When the time is up, the “babies” are places on a display table and the expecting mom and dad choose two winners. This can be hilarious especially if the guests are a little challenged in the sculpting department!

Who am I? – Couples Baby Shower Game Idea #2

This is a variation on the party game we all played as children. Every guest has a sign pinned to their back with a name on it and has to ask other people questions with yes or no answers in order to determine who they are. For a fun baby shower theme it can be played with the names of cartoon or nursery rhyme characters pinned to guests’ backs!

Embarrassing stories – Couples Baby Shower Game Idea #3

At the beginning of the baby shower invite all guests to commit to paper an embarrassing or funny story about their childhood and then the couples all have to guess whose tale has been read out as the expectant mom and dad take turns to read out each story. Just remember to keep the stories as tasteful as possible!

Diaper Race – Couples Baby Shower Game Idea #4

The males and females are divided into two teams and blindfolded as they compete against each other to put a diaper on a baby doll as correctly as possible. The quickest and best in each round wins a point for their sex’s team!

Mr and Mrs Questions – Couples Baby Shower Game Idea #5

Each couple is asked a series of questions about one another. For example, “What is John’s favorite color?” and so on. The winning couple is the one which knows each other best! This game is lots of fun and is a great ice breaker too!

These are only a few of the games which couples can play at baby showers. Why not think up some of your own or better still, meet up with friends and think up as many fun games as you can. This can be a lot of fun and can also be therapeutic too! Happy playing!

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