Coed Baby Shower Games For Men

If you’re having a baby shower that’s going to be coed, it’s important to have some baby shower games and activities that the men will enjoy too. I know, I know, they can be picky sometimes, but there are definitely some games out there that they are sure to enjoy. The game ideas below are super fun, and men really enjoy playing them too!

Here we are going to cover some baby shower games that everyone and anyone–including the men!–would have fun doing–even if it isn’t at a baby shower (well…WE would do them outside of a baby shower).

Blindfolded Diaper Change Game for Men

There are a few different versions of this game:

  1. Everyone competes against everyone
  2. Women against the men–this one is a riot!
  3. This is similar to the second and it’s my personal favorite version, is couples versus couples

The title of this game may make it sound like men, maybe even you, won’t/wouldn’t enjoy it, but who doesn’t want to prove their diaper changing abilities–especially while being blind folded. Not to mention, they are dirty diapers or anything like that! So, you will need a diaper station setup at the baby shower that will have two baby dolls–more if you want to make more teams. Then everyone takes a turn being blindfolded and gets timed changing the diaper. When dealing with teams you add up the times and the team with the fastest time wins!

This baby shower game is definitely one that gets a laugh out of everyone AND we get to see our men show off their parenting skills, or future parenting skills, which, at least, I love to see! Try it out, have fun, and don’t forget to let us know how you liked it.

Coed Baby Shower Guess How Many Game

We have all played this one before, maybe not at a baby shower, but we have all surely played this at some point. It’s the most simple game that works for all sexes and ages, so why not play it at your coed shower? This is definitely a game that the men would be interested in playing at the baby shower.

The concept here is that we have a jar (or, preferably, a baby bottle!) and we put a lot of something in it. Then everyone guesses how many are in the jar. Since it’s at a baby shower we recommend picking a treat everyone can enjoy–like, say, jelly beans–or you can use pacifiers, bibs, anything really, you name it! This coed game works great as an opener to the shower and then by the end of the shower the winner is revealed.

Baby Shower Price is Right Game for Men

This game will surprise the men because we are playing the Price is Right, baby shower style! This game is fun, simple, and it will really get the guys engaged in the shower.

We first need to make a print out of a list of baby products that we will have present at the baby shower that has a blank spot next to it with space for your guest’s guess. Each guest gets a sheet and they pick out what the price is of each product and then creates a total. Each product is considered a round with the total being the final round. I recommend having a little party favor prize for each round with a bigger, more exciting prize for whoever wins the final round. Men and women both will have a ton of FUN with this game and it’s super easy to organize.

And, remember, if you guess too high of a price you’re automatically disqualified from winning that product’s round–even if it’s just by one penny!

More FUN Baby Shower Games

Hopefully you enjoyed these coed baby shower games for men and will enjoy playing them, we certainly have enjoyed them. If you’re looking for some good examples of templates for the games check out our Pinterest Board “Baby Shower Games.” There are some excellent variations and examples you can see to help inspire your design and layout.

If you’re looking specifically for baby shower games that are for couples we have you covered on our ‘Couples Baby Shower Games’ page.

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