Chic Baby Shower Themes


Chic baby showers are modern, fashionable, and elegant; they’re an excellent way to wow your friends and family — especially the mom-to-be if you’re planning and organizing it for her! A chic baby shower requires a little creativity and attention to detail. It’s also a good idea to pick colors that stray away from the most common colors typically used.

But don’t let all this worry you, or scare you away from a chic theme because below we have thought up some chic themes and ideas, that we love, to help inspire you (and, not to mention, to just help you out!) And ladies…don’t forget to share any of your ideas that you come up with or have done in the past! We are constantly looking and thinking of ideas to add to our site, yours can be one of them!

Chic Baby Shower Locations

The location of your baby shower is one of the most important factors when planning the shower. First, you need to know how many friends, co-workers, and family members to expect so that you can find a venue, home, or restaurant that can fit everyone comfortably. Second, it depends on the season (we wouldn’t want to pick an outside venue in the middle of winter! Would we?) Third, the budget is also an important factor.

For a chic theme we recommend having a smaller, more intimate baby shower where a friend’s house or backyard (in spring and summer) will be an excellent location. Renting a garden or reserving a place in a nearby park can also be a great spot in the warmer months. Other fun places for your shower, although more expensive, can be at a restaurant, hotel, or a club.

Chic Garden Tea Party Theme


Here at Ideal Baby Shower we love tea, and we love outside baby showers, so we thought that combining the two for a theme only makes sense! This idea is excellent for small showers so that it has a more intimate and exclusive feel.

For this awesome baby shower theme pick one main color with one or two accent colors. We think white as the main color is amazing because it looks great with the spring and summer flowers. Speaking of flowers…adding nice matching flower arrangements — or the mom-to-be’s favorite flower(s) — to the tables really pulls this party’s look together and is an essential detail. And for additional style points have flower petals underneath the utensils and deserts. It’s a small touch of detail that’s simple, elegant, and chic!

Now it’s time to think about the teas, food, and snacks. An assortment of three or four teas — hot or iced — would be ideal so that everyone can find a tea they would like to drink. Some great sweet snacks to accompany your tea would be: macaroons, tarts, scones, cupcakes, etc. And some healthier snacks: sandwiches, soups, breads, and fruit. Using small picknick baskets to store the napkins, some of the deserts, and additional party favors is also a nice touch for this chic garden theme.

Chic Cookies and Milk Theme

Chic Cookie Bar


The idea behind this theme is simple…creating a chic baby shower that is modern, simple, and inviting with the use of cookies and milk. We all love cookies, don’t we?

Using earth tones and whites for this theme really creates a cozy, comfortable feel and gives the baby shower a unique, creative feel. Also, if being done in the evening, candles as the primary source of lighting on the cookie and milk bar compliments and adds to that warm inviting environment. The cookie bar should have an assortment of cookies and brownies — or anything the mom-to-be would love to snack on! — as well as skim and 2% milk (to ensure there’s something for everyone.) Using cookie jars like in the photo above is a great way to display the different types of cookies. A label for the jars that matches the invitations that will be or were sent out is another great touch to wow everyone with your attention to detail.

A twist for this theme would be to have a little woven basket that contains 3 to 4 cookies, a rolled up napkin, a small glass, and a “Thank You for Coming” card for everyone invited to the party — feel free to check out our baby shower quotes for ideas that could make your thank you cards even more special and unique. Next, add a small candle in each place setting to create that warm, inviting feel. For more style points add some pinecones, leaves, or wood onto the table along with a selection of more snacks, water, and milk for everyone to enjoy!

Now that you have a chic shower theme in mind check out our advice for wording your invitations so that you’re shower is perfect before it even starts!



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