Chic Baby Shower Themes


Chic baby show­ers are mod­ern, fash­ion­able, and ele­gant; they’re an excel­lent way to wow your friends and fam­i­ly — espe­cial­ly the mom-to-be if you’re plan­ning and orga­niz­ing it for her! A chic baby show­er requires a lit­tle cre­ativ­i­ty and atten­tion to detail. It’s also a good idea to pick col­ors that stray away from the most com­mon col­ors typ­i­cal­ly used.

But don’t let all this wor­ry you, or scare you away from a chic theme because below we have thought up some chic themes and ideas, that we love, to help inspire you (and, not to men­tion, to just help you out!) And ladies…don’t for­get to share any of your ideas that you come up with or have done in the past! We are con­stant­ly look­ing and think­ing of ideas to add to our site, yours can be one of them!

Chic Baby Shower Locations

The loca­tion of your baby show­er is one of the most impor­tant fac­tors when plan­ning the show­er. First, you need to know how many friends, co-work­ers, and fam­i­ly mem­bers to expect so that you can find a venue, home, or restau­rant that can fit every­one com­fort­ably. Sec­ond, it depends on the sea­son (we wouldn’t want to pick an out­side venue in the mid­dle of win­ter! Would we?) Third, the bud­get is also an impor­tant fac­tor.

For a chic theme we rec­om­mend hav­ing a small­er, more inti­mate baby show­er where a friend’s house or back­yard (in spring and sum­mer) will be an excel­lent loca­tion. Rent­ing a gar­den or reserv­ing a place in a near­by park can also be a great spot in the warmer months. Oth­er fun places for your show­er, although more expen­sive, can be at a restau­rant, hotel, or a club.

Chic Garden Tea Party Theme


Here at Ide­al Baby Show­er we love tea, and we love out­side baby show­ers, so we thought that com­bin­ing the two for a theme only makes sense! This idea is excel­lent for small show­ers so that it has a more inti­mate and exclu­sive feel.

For this awe­some baby show­er theme pick one main col­or with one or two accent col­ors. We think white as the main col­or is amaz­ing because it looks great with the spring and sum­mer flow­ers. Speak­ing of flowers…adding nice match­ing flower arrange­ments — or the mom-to-be’s favorite flower(s) — to the tables real­ly pulls this party’s look togeth­er and is an essen­tial detail. And for addi­tion­al style points have flower petals under­neath the uten­sils and deserts. It’s a small touch of detail that’s sim­ple, ele­gant, and chic!

Now it’s time to think about the teas, food, and snacks. An assort­ment of three or four teas — hot or iced — would be ide­al so that every­one can find a tea they would like to drink. Some great sweet snacks to accom­pa­ny your tea would be: mac­a­roons, tarts, scones, cup­cakes, etc. And some health­i­er snacks: sand­wich­es, soups, breads, and fruit. Using small pick­nick bas­kets to store the nap­kins, some of the deserts, and addi­tion­al par­ty favors is also a nice touch for this chic gar­den theme.

Chic Cookies and Milk Theme

Chic Cookie Bar


The idea behind this theme is simple…creating a chic baby show­er that is mod­ern, sim­ple, and invit­ing with the use of cook­ies and milk. We all love cook­ies, don’t we?

Using earth tones and whites for this theme real­ly cre­ates a cozy, com­fort­able feel and gives the baby show­er a unique, cre­ative feel. Also, if being done in the evening, can­dles as the pri­ma­ry source of light­ing on the cook­ie and milk bar com­pli­ments and adds to that warm invit­ing envi­ron­ment. The cook­ie bar should have an assort­ment of cook­ies and brown­ies — or any­thing the mom-to-be would love to snack on! — as well as skim and 2% milk (to ensure there’s some­thing for every­one.) Using cook­ie jars like in the pho­to above is a great way to dis­play the dif­fer­ent types of cook­ies. A label for the jars that match­es the invi­ta­tions that will be or were sent out is anoth­er great touch to wow every­one with your atten­tion to detail.

A twist for this theme would be to have a lit­tle woven bas­ket that con­tains 3 to 4 cook­ies, a rolled up nap­kin, a small glass, and a “Thank You for Com­ing” card for every­one invit­ed to the par­ty — feel free to check out our baby show­er quotes for ideas that could make your thank you cards even more spe­cial and unique. Next, add a small can­dle in each place set­ting to cre­ate that warm, invit­ing feel. For more style points add some pinecones, leaves, or wood onto the table along with a selec­tion of more snacks, water, and milk for every­one to enjoy!

Now that you have a chic show­er theme in mind check out our advice for word­ing your invi­ta­tions so that you’re show­er is per­fect before it even starts!



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