Baby Showers Decoration Ideas for Boys

If you’re reading this you either have already discovered or are about to discover that planning a baby shower is a lot of work. The good news is that it is fun work. One of the many details you’ll need to consider for the shower is the décor. Some think it’s easier to decorate for a girl, but there are plenty of fun and fabulous ideas for boy baby shower décor as well.

Boy Baby Shower Decoration Color Schemes

Blue. That is what will first come to mind for most when thinking about a color scheme for a boy’s baby shower. Yes, blue is always a fine choice, but don’t feel locked in to the traditional robin’s egg blue. If you do opt for blue, consider the color in all of its many shades. With a bit of creativity, you can choose a palette of blue that is a bit unique while still being boy-appropriate.

Here are a few more ideas if you’d like something other than blue.

Black and White

Black and white can provide a wonderful foundation for baby showers for both boys and girls. You can choose most of the décor in black and white and then add splashes of color around the room. Any color works well with black and white so you’ll be free to choose just about any color to provide that extra kick.

Yellow and Green

Yellow and green have traditionally been the color one would use if the gender of the baby was not known.  These colors can still be used in that way, but certain shades are a perfect choice for boy’s baby shower décor.

Primary Colors

Another way to achieve a fun and festive look is by decorating with all of the primary colors. This look tends to be better for a boy’s shower than for a girl’s shower. You can choose a main color and then use the other primary colors as accents or use all of the primary colors spread evenly throughout the baby shower decorations.

Boy Baby Shower Decoration Theme Ideas

A baby shower doesn’t have to have a theme, but there are some advantages to having one. For instance, it makes it easier to stay on track when choosing baby shower décor. If it’s your first time hosting a baby shower, or if you don’t feel that decorating is your strong suit, then you might want to consider a theme. A theme also makes it easy to choose other baby shower details such as cake design, favors and more.

Here are a few fun themes you can use when decorating for a boy’s baby shower.




Rubber Ducks

Nursery Rhymes

All of these themes can be easily incorporated into other aspects of the baby shower planning. While the general themes seem simple, each can be customized to make the shower décor unique and special.

Boy Baby Shower Decoration – General Tips

Don’t Go Overboard

This is especially important if you choose a theme. Don’t cover every inch of the room with the theme. Instead, choose one or two focal points with some added touches throughout.

Ask for Help

Choosing and implementing decorations for a baby boy’s shower can be a lot of work. Don’t try to do it all yourself. Instead, ask some other friends and family member of the mom-to-be for help.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

It’s great to want to choose unique decorations for a baby boy shower, but don’t feel like you need to start from scratch. There are thousands of great ideas in books and on the internet. Use them for inspiration and then add your own special touches to make the shower décor special.

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