Baby Shower Invitations

Plan­ning your upcom­ing baby show­er? Well, you know what time it is — it’s time to cre­ate and send your baby show­er invi­ta­tions! When you think about it, a baby show­er invi­ta­tion is much more than just a sim­ple par­ty invi­ta­tion; it’s a call to cel­e­brate life and it all starts with with the baby show­er invi­ta­tions.

Baby Shower Invitation

Baby Shower Invitations — An Introduction

Your invi­ta­tion will serve sev­er­al, non obvi­ous, pur­pos­es — such as intro­duc­ing the mood and theme of the baby show­er. Also, if the sex of the baby is known, the baby show­er invi­ta­tion will reflect that through its appear­ance, word­ing and col­or – hint­ing on whether the baby show­er is for a baby boy or a baby girl.

When it comes to your baby show­er invi­ta­tions you can get as cre­ative as you want! A good start might be to look at our Baby Show­er Invi­ta­tion Ideas page to, well, gath­er some ideas. You will need to choose whether you will send a dig­i­tal baby show­er invi­ta­tions via email  or, alter­na­tive­ly, a “hard copy” invi­ta­tion via snail mail. In our opin­ion, the choice will main­ly depend on your per­son­al pref­er­ences (or the ones of the moth­er-to-be) and on your bud­get — as you can imag­ine, send­ing invi­ta­tions the tra­di­tion­al way is muu­u­uch more pricey than your dig­i­tal alter­na­tives.

As not­ed in our Baby Show­er Invi­ta­tion Eti­quette page, who you will invite to the baby show­er, and how you will invite them, depends great­ly on your per­son­al pref­er­ences. There are no writ­ten-in-stone baby show­er eti­quette, how­ever, there are many best prac­tices.

You should also take a look at our Free Baby Show­er Invi­ta­tion Tem­plates for Word.

Baby Shower Invitations Todo List

  1. Make your guest list — make sure to dou­ble (and triple) check the guest list with your sig­nif­i­cant oth­er and best friends, you wouldn’t want to for­get some­one impor­tant.
  2. Pick a place where you’ll host the baby show­er — keep in mind ease of access, park­ing, and the size of the venue.
  3. Pick a baby show­er theme.
  4. Pick a date/ time to host your baby show­er.
  5. Cre­ate a baby show­er reg­istry.
  6. Draft your baby show­er invi­ta­tions — make them per­son­able, fun­ny and corky, just like you 🙂
  7. Print & send, or email, your invi­ta­tions. Make sure to give your guests at least a month’s notice.
  8. If you emailed the invi­ta­tions, it would be a good idea to send a reminder email two weeks pri­or to the show­er.
  9. It’s your show­er day… get ready to have an amaz­ing time!

Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Our Baby Show­er Invi­ta­tion Ideas page brings you the best baby show­er invite ideas. Some of the top­ics we cov­er are:

  • Top 10 baby show­er invi­ta­tion ideas
  • Top 5 boy baby show­er invi­ta­tion ideas
  • Top 5 girl baby show­er invi­ta­tion ideas
  • Top 5 twins baby show­er invi­ta­tion ideas and,
  • much more!

Secret Baby Showers

If the baby show­er is going to be a sur­prise for the expec­tant mom then you might con­sid­er stick­ing to email and phone call plan­ning. This will help you to avoid the risk that the mom to be gets her hands on a paper invi­ta­tion while vis­it­ing a friend or fam­i­ly mem­ber. If the par­ty is not going to be much of a secret, then you’ll find that prepack­aged invi­ta­tions and match­ing thank-you cards are a quick and easy way of get­ting the invi­ta­tions out.

Always be sure to reit­er­ate to invit­ed guests that the baby show­er is going to be a sur­prise for the new mom. It would be dis­ap­point­ing to go through all of your plan­ning only to have some­one spill the beans to the expec­tant mom acci­den­tal­ly.

Getting Creative

If you are a crafty-mind­ed indi­vid­ual then you’ll find that card­stock, glue, rib­bons, but­tons, and oth­er dec­o­ra­tive craft­ing touch­es can have you cre­at­ing cus­tomized baby show­er invi­ta­tions that are sure to be a hit.

You could theme your invi­ta­tions along with the theme of the par­ty. For exam­ple, if the par­ty theme is all about a pea in the pod, then you can use green card­stock to cut out the shape of a pea or a pea­pod. Use cre­ative word­ing on the invi­ta­tion to get every­one smil­ing. “Join us to cel­e­brate the two peas in the pod!”

Thinking Outside of the (Diaper) Box

Some­times a bit of extra cre­ativ­i­ty can go a long way. Get a pack­age of new­born-sized dia­pers and place a lit­tle note inside of each dia­per. These can be mailed or hand-deliv­ered to guests. This would be a great idea if the theme of the baby show­er is to encour­age guests to bring a pack­age of dia­pers and wipes so that mom can build her stash of these must-haves for baby.

Card­stock that is cut out in the shape of a dia­per is also a great choice. Dec­o­rate it with die cut safe­ty pins and glit­ter glue for a lit­tle bit of extra cre­ativ­i­ty.

If the lit­tle one’s gen­der is already wide­ly known then you can eas­i­ly stick to using blue or pink themes with the baby show­er invi­ta­tions. If the baby’s gen­der is to remain a guard­ed secret until his or her birth­day then a rub­ber ducky or ted­dy bear theme is a great choice for a gen­der-neu­tral invi­ta­tion. Yel­low, pas­tel green and even pur­ple can be suit­able gen­der-neu­tral col­ors.

If you are pur­chas­ing invi­ta­tions then be sure to pick up match­ing thank-you cards and envelopes that can be sent out after the baby show­er. This gives the expec­tant moth­er a great oppor­tu­ni­ty to per­son­al­ly thank each of her guests for cel­e­brat­ing this mag­i­cal time with her.

In order to make sure that your baby show­er invi­ta­tions are exact­ly the way you want them to be, we sug­gest you vis­it the fol­low­ing pages to obtain detailed infor­ma­tion which will sure­ly sim­pli­fy your life: Baby Show­er Invi­ta­tion Eti­quette Baby Show­er Invi­ta­tion Word­ing Baby Show­er Invi­ta­tion Poems Baby Show­er Invi­ta­tion Quotes

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