Baby Shower Invitations

Planning your upcoming baby shower? Well, you know what time it is – it’s time to create and send your baby shower invitations! When you think about it, a baby shower invitation is much more than just a simple party invitation; it’s a call to celebrate life and it all starts with with the baby shower invitations.

Baby Shower Invitation

Baby Shower Invitations – An Introduction

Your invitation will serve several, non obvious, purposes – such as introducing the mood and theme of the baby shower. Also, if the sex of the baby is known, the baby shower invitation will reflect that through its appearance, wording and color – hinting on whether the baby shower is for a baby boy or a baby girl.

When it comes to your baby shower invitations you can get as creative as you want! A good start might be to look at our Baby Shower Invitation Ideas page to, well, gather some ideas. You will need to choose whether you will send a digital baby shower invitations via email  or, alternatively, a “hard copy” invitation via snail mail. In our opinion, the choice will mainly depend on your personal preferences (or the ones of the mother-to-be) and on your budget – as you can imagine, sending invitations the traditional way is muuuuch more pricey than your digital alternatives.

As noted in our Baby Shower Invitation Etiquette page, who you will invite to the baby shower, and how you will invite them, depends greatly on your personal preferences. There are no written-in-stone baby shower eti­quette, how­ever, there are many best practices.

You should also take a look at our Free Baby Shower Invitation Templates for Word.

Baby Shower Invitations Todo List

  1. Make your guest list – make sure to double (and triple) check the guest list with your significant other and best friends, you wouldn’t want to forget someone important.
  2. Pick a place where you’ll host the baby shower – keep in mind ease of access, parking, and the size of the venue.
  3. Pick a baby shower theme.
  4. Pick a date/ time to host your baby shower.
  5. Create a baby shower registry.
  6. Draft your baby shower invitations – make them personable, funny and corky, just like you 🙂
  7. Print & send, or email, your invitations. Make sure to give your guests at least a month’s notice.
  8. If you emailed the invitations, it would be a good idea to send a reminder email two weeks prior to the shower.
  9. It’s your shower day… get ready to have an amazing time!

Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Our Baby Shower Invitation Ideas page brings you the best baby shower invite ideas. Some of the topics we cover are:

  • Top 10 baby shower invitation ideas
  • Top 5 boy baby shower invitation ideas
  • Top 5 girl baby shower invitation ideas
  • Top 5 twins baby shower invitation ideas and,
  • much more!

Secret Baby Showers

If the baby shower is going to be a surprise for the expectant mom then you might consider sticking to email and phone call planning. This will help you to avoid the risk that the mom to be gets her hands on a paper invitation while visiting a friend or family member. If the party is not going to be much of a secret, then you’ll find that prepackaged invitations and matching thank-you cards are a quick and easy way of getting the invitations out.

Always be sure to reiterate to invited guests that the baby shower is going to be a surprise for the new mom. It would be disappointing to go through all of your planning only to have someone spill the beans to the expectant mom accidentally.

Getting Creative

If you are a crafty-minded individual then you’ll find that cardstock, glue, ribbons, buttons, and other decorative crafting touches can have you creating customized baby shower invitations that are sure to be a hit.

You could theme your invitations along with the theme of the party. For example, if the party theme is all about a pea in the pod, then you can use green cardstock to cut out the shape of a pea or a peapod. Use creative wording on the invitation to get everyone smiling. “Join us to celebrate the two peas in the pod!”

Thinking Outside of the (Diaper) Box

Sometimes a bit of extra creativity can go a long way. Get a package of newborn-sized diapers and place a little note inside of each diaper. These can be mailed or hand-delivered to guests. This would be a great idea if the theme of the baby shower is to encourage guests to bring a package of diapers and wipes so that mom can build her stash of these must-haves for baby.

Cardstock that is cut out in the shape of a diaper is also a great choice. Decorate it with die cut safety pins and glitter glue for a little bit of extra creativity.

If the little one’s gender is already widely known then you can easily stick to using blue or pink themes with the baby shower invitations. If the baby’s gender is to remain a guarded secret until his or her birthday then a rubber ducky or teddy bear theme is a great choice for a gender-neutral invitation. Yellow, pastel green and even purple can be suitable gender-neutral colors.

If you are purchasing invitations then be sure to pick up matching thank-you cards and envelopes that can be sent out after the baby shower. This gives the expectant mother a great opportunity to personally thank each of her guests for celebrating this magical time with her.

In order to make sure that your baby shower invitations are exactly the way you want them to be, we suggest you visit the following pages to obtain detailed information which will surely simplify your life: Baby Shower Invitation Etiquette Baby Shower Invitation Wording Baby Shower Invitation Poems Baby Shower Invitation Quotes

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