Twin Baby Shower Invitation Wording

If good things happen in three, then great things must surely happen in two! Twin baby shower invitation wording can be unique and playful given how ‘doubly’ special the occasion is; remember, having twins means that you have been blessed with double the joy! Here are couple of twin baby shower invitation wording.

  • Please join us to celebrate
    before two babies are due.
    But we still do not know
    if they will need pink or blue.

Twin Babies

  • Planes and trucks and all kinds of toys
    Our mommy-to-be is expecting two boys!
    Please join us as we shower (mother-to-be name) with gifts.

If you are looking for more baby shower invitation wording examples visit our baby shower invitation wording page. Any of the baby shower invite examples can easily be adapted for twin baby shower invitations 🙂

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