Co-ed Baby Shower Invitation Wording

The tendency to host a co-ed baby shower is continuously growing and becoming ever so accepted. When the baby shower calls for a co-ed party, it is very important to word the baby shower invitation accordingly so that the men know they are included in the celebration. Below you will find some general suggestions regarding co-ed baby shower invitations:

  • Given that the baby shower will be co-ed, it is important to make sure the father-to-be will attend the baby shower. The father-to-be will also play an important role in motivating other guys to join the event.
  • Make sure that the co-ed baby shower invitation is written to both: men and women. You might also want to consider having two sets of baby shower invites; one for the men and one for the women.
  • A co-ed baby shower should have a theme that fits well with men and women.
  • Try to avoid using too many pastel colors, glitters and any unnecessary frills when wording the co-ed baby shower invitations.

If you follow these simple guidelines for your co-ed baby shower invitation wording you should be able to please both, men and women.

Co-ed Invitation Wording Examples

Here are some example of co-ed baby shower invitation wording, which you can tweak as needed 🙂

  • (Parents-to-be names) – always so cool,
    we’ll see how they look,
    wearing baby drool!Come help them get ready for these things babies do,
    your guess is as good as ours – pink or blue!
    Join us for a Couples Shower
    on (date of baby shower)
    at (address of baby shower).Regrets only to (host name and telephone number).


  • They’re expecting a baby,
    a new bundle of joy.
    A very special gift,
    be it a girl or a boy!It’s a Baby Shower for
    (parents-to-be name)
    on (date of baby shower)
    at (address of baby shower).Given by (hosts names).


  • A brand new baby is on the way,
    so let’s celebrate with a special day!
    Please join us for a Co-ed Baby Shower for
    (parents-to-be name)
    on (date of baby shower)
    at (address of baby shower).Given by (hosts names).


  • It’s A Baby Shower!
    Will we need Pink or Blue…
    If only (parents-to-be names) knew!


  • One son was so much fun,
    (parents-to-be names)
    thought they’d have another one!


  • A boy or a girl? We just don’t know yet.
    But why don’t we help the couple get all set!


For many more baby shower invitation wording examples visit our baby shower invitation wording page.

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