Boy Baby Shower Invitation Wording

Boy Baby Shower Invitation

Baby show­er invi­ta­tion word­ing for boys doesn’t have to be com­pli­cat­ed, espe­cial­ly with the right resources. Here we have three examples–more to come soon–for word­ing your invite when hav­ing a boy baby show­er:

  • Soft and sweet and a bun­dle of joy,
    (moth­er-to-be name and last name) is expect­ing a boy!
  • (moth­er-to-be name) is hav­ing a boy
    so we want to show­er him with bot­tles, bibs and toys!
  • It’s rain­ing, it’s pour­ing
    It’s a baby boy we’ll be ador­ing.
    Please join us for a Baby Show­er
    for (moth­er-to-be name).

If you didn’t find the right word­ing for you, don’t wor­ry. We have a lot more! For many more baby show­er invi­ta­tion word­ing exam­ples vis­it our baby show­er invi­ta­tion word­ing page.

Boy Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Now that you have an idea on how to word your invi­ta­tion, how about some theme ideas to com­pli­ment your word­ing? Below we have a few great invi­ta­tion themes and ideas that you are sure to love.

  • It’s a Boy! This tra­di­tion­al baby show­er invi­ta­tion idea is a great way to let every­one know that there is a baby boy on the way. Use a blue invi­ta­tion with the word “boy” as the heading–it’s as sim­ple as that.
  • Jun­gle Safari Invi­ta­tion: Because you know he will be adven­tur­ous, use a Jun­gle Safari themed baby show­er invi­ta­tion for the future baby boy.
  • James Bond Invi­ta­tion: We all have a lit­tle bit of secret agent in us. Use this world known super­spy as an inspi­ra­tion for your baby show­er invi­ta­tions.

For even more ideas regard­ing invi­ta­tions for your boy’s baby show­er view our invi­ta­tion ideas.

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