Baby Shower Invitation Poems

As men­tioned in our Baby Show­er Invi­ta­tion Ideas page, every baby show­er invi­ta­tion can be per­son­al­ized by adding a baby show­er invi­ta­tion poem, quote or say­ing. We have done our best to find the cutest baby show­er poems and baby quotes so that you can eas­i­ly find the ones you pre­fer.

Baby Shower Invitation Poems

Below are some of our favorite baby show­er invi­ta­tion poems, which you could use to cre­ate unique baby show­er invi­ta­tions. We hope you enjoy these baby show­er relat­ed poems 🙂

  • The moment a child is born,
    the moth­er is also born.
    She nev­er exist­ed before.
    The woman exist­ed, but the moth­er, nev­er.
    A moth­er is some­thing absolute­ly new.


  • We reached for the stars
    and got an arm­ful of heav­en!
    Our lives are filled with hap­pi­ness,
    Our hearts are full of love,
    We final­ly have the lit­tle babe,
    We’ve been dream­ing of.Our new baby boy so cud­dly and sweet,
    Our hearts filled with joy,
    our lives made complete.Oh Joy! It’s A Boy!
    ~ Author Unknown


  • Be it a boy or a girl,
    we sim­ply can’t say.…
    But let’s show­er the mom­my
    before the deliv­ery day!
    ~ Author Unknown


  • Baby Angel.
    Wel­come to this Earth.
    The whole wide world
    awaits your birth!
    ~ Author Unknown


  • Noth­ing is as pre­cious
    or brings home so much love,
    as a brand new baby
    sent from above.


  • A baby is a mir­a­cle sent from above,
    a tiny pack­age all wrapped up in love,
    with ten tiny fin­gers and ten tiny toes,
    and sweet lit­tle cheeks and a cute but­ton nose.
    ~ Author Unknown


  • My pre­cious lit­tle baby
    I have loved you from the start
    You are a tiny mir­a­cle
    Lay­ing close­ly to my heart.
    ~ Author Unknown


  • A ted­dy bear is a faith­ful friend
    You can pick him up at either end
    His fur is the col­or of break­fast toast
    And he’s always there when you need him most
    Every­thing in life I’ll share
    Except of course my ted­dy bear.
    ~ Author Unknown


  • If your baby is “beau­ti­ful and per­fect, nev­er cries or fuss­es, sleeps on sched­ule and burps on demand, an angel all the time,” you’re the grand­ma.
    ~There­sa Bloom­ing­dale


  • A baby will make love stronger, days short­er, nights longer, bankroll small­er, home hap­pi­er, clothes shab­bier, the past for­got­ten, and the future worth liv­ing for.
    ~Author Unknown


  • If one feels the need of some­thing grand, some­thing infi­nite, some­thing that makes one feel aware of God, one need not go far to find it. I think that I see some­thing deep­er, more infi­nite, more eter­nal than the ocean in the expres­sion of the eyes of a lit­tle baby when it wakes in the morn­ing and coos or laughs because it sees the sun shin­ing on its cra­dle.
    ~Vin­cent van Gogh


  • Ten fin­gers, Ten toes
    She’s laugh­ter and teardrops
    So small and brand new
    And amaz­ing­ly angel­ic
    She’s sent to bless you
    She’s one spe­cial Baby
    The best of life’s trea­sure
    And will grant and bless you
    Many hours of great plea­sure.
    ~Author Unknown


  • Take a sprin­kling of fairy dust,
    An angel’s sin­gle feath­er,
    Also a dash of love and care,
    Then mix them both togeth­er.
    Add a sen­ti­ment or two,
    A thought­ful wish or line,
    A touch of star­dust, a sun­shine ray…
    It’s a recipe, for a Baby Girl tru­ly fine.
    ~Author Unknown


  • This Baby is Your Bless­ing,
    I wish Hap­pi­ness in every way,
    Good Luck God Bless, I say
    And Many Bless­ings and Wish­es,
    To Wel­come Baby Into Your Life Today.
    ~Author Unknown


  • Child­birth is more admirable than con­quest,
    more amaz­ing than self-defense,
    and as coura­geous as either one.
    ~Glo­ria Steinem


  • You’re going to have a baby!
    That’s so won­der­ful and sweet!
    It will be so very mag­i­cal
    When you two final­ly meet.
    ~ Author Unknown


  • I’m very glad you’ve asked me
    To come cel­e­brate with you
    And join you at your show­er
    To have fun the whole day through.
    ~ Author Unknown­It will be a very spe­cial day
    For all to come and see
    How beau­ti­ful you look
    As a moth­er-soon-to-be!
    ~Andra Mccoy


  • It takes a lot of plan­ning
    To get ready for a child,
    But all your busy work
    Will soon seem so worthwhile!You hus­tle and you bus­tle
    Just like a lit­tle bee
    Prepar­ing for your baby
    Like a true mother-to-be!And now it’s time to cel­e­brate
    And just let down your hair,
    For it’s your baby show­er
    And I’ll glad­ly see you there!
    ~Andra Mccoy


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