Baby Shower Invitation Ideas for Boy

Boy Baby Shower Invitation Idea by Lilly Willow
Think­ing of invi­ta­tion ideas for your boy can be tough, but we have some great baby show­er invi­ta­tion ideas that work per­fect­ly for your future baby boy. We have some great exam­ples of all these ideas on our Tum­blr and Pin­ter­est. So, after you fin­ish read­ing, go check them out!

Owl Baby Shower Invitation Idea

Owls are trend­ing right now with themes and invi­ta­tions, we are see­ing them every­where. So, why not hop on the band wag­on and choose an invi­ta­tion that has some nice greens and blues with a baby owl or two. It’s a sim­ple invi­ta­tion that looks great. It also sets you up for some fun word­ing on the invi­ta­tion like, “Look Hoo’s Hav­ing a Baby Show­er” or “Hoo’s Hav­ing a Baby Boy?” or, my favorite, “Look Hoo’s Expect­ing!” I think this theme is great for a boy’s baby show­er. How about you?

Bee Baby Shower Invitation Idea

This invi­ta­tion idea for your boy sets you up for a real­ly nice theme ori­ent­ed around, well, you guessed it, bees and hon­ey! Your invi­ta­tion should be most­ly black and yel­low with a touch of white for the text, and maybe the bor­der too. I have seen some clever word­ing for invi­ta­tions and themes that are based on bees, so you’ll be able to have a lot of fun with your invites if you choose to pick bees for your show­er.

Monkey Baby Shower Invitation Idea

Your lit­tle baby boy is prob­a­bly going to be act­ing like a mon­key some­times so this idea just makes sense for your baby show­er. Sim­i­lar to the owl invites, you should use greens, blues, and browns, and have an a lit­tle mon­key some­where on the invi­ta­tion swing­ing from a branch or some of the text. Don’t for­get to add a nice phrase on your invi­ta­tion like,“Let’s Cel­e­brate the New Lit­tle Mon­key” or “Come Mon­key Around for ‘mom-to-be’s name’ Lit­tle Boy.”

Baby Bear Baby Shower Invitation Idea

The invi­ta­tion should have a cute lit­tle cub on the front of it–or a the clas­sic hon­ey bear con­tain­er. You’ll want to use browns, golds, and earthy tones. With this invi­ta­tion you can have a cute baby show­er that’s ori­ent­ed around Mama and Papa bear hav­ing a new lit­tle baby bear.

Batter Up Baby Shower Invitation Idea

If you like base­ball then you’ll love mak­ing an invi­ta­tion that’s cel­e­brat­ing the next “bat­ter up” in your fam­i­ly. You should pick blue, white, and red for the main col­ors, and then add a green base­ball dia­mond in the back­ground. Sim­ple enough, right?

It’s a Boy Baby Shower Invitation Idea

This is THE basic of boy invi­ta­tion ideas. You’re hav­ing a boy, so pick a nice blue and use some bold let­ter­ing across the top declaring,“It’s a Boy!” If you’re short on time for orga­niz­ing and get­ting your baby show­er togeth­er then this is the best way to go.

You can find some amaz­ing exam­ples of this style of invi­ta­tion on our Pin­ter­est, so don’t for­get to head over there and fol­low our “Baby Show­er Invi­ta­tions” board. You might even find anoth­er invi­ta­tion idea on there that you’ll love!

Pho­to Cred­it: Lil­ly Wil­low

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