Baby Shower Invitation Ideas for Boy

Boy Baby Shower Invitation Idea by Lilly Willow
Thinking of invitation ideas for your boy can be tough, but we have some great baby shower invitation ideas that work perfectly for your future baby boy. We have some great examples of all these ideas on our Tumblr and Pinterest. So, after you finish reading, go check them out!

Owl Baby Shower Invitation Idea

Owls are trending right now with themes and invitations, we are seeing them everywhere. So, why not hop on the band wagon and choose an invitation that has some nice greens and blues with a baby owl or two. It’s a simple invitation that looks great. It also sets you up for some fun wording on the invitation like, “Look Hoo’s Having a Baby Shower” or “Hoo’s Having a Baby Boy?” or, my favorite, “Look Hoo’s Expecting!” I think this theme is great for a boy’s baby shower. How about you?

Bee Baby Shower Invitation Idea

This invitation idea for your boy sets you up for a really nice theme oriented around, well, you guessed it, bees and honey! Your invitation should be mostly black and yellow with a touch of white for the text, and maybe the border too. I have seen some clever wording for invitations and themes that are based on bees, so you’ll be able to have a lot of fun with your invites if you choose to pick bees for your shower.

Monkey Baby Shower Invitation Idea

Your little baby boy is probably going to be acting like a monkey sometimes so this idea just makes sense for your baby shower. Similar to the owl invites, you should use greens, blues, and browns, and have an a little monkey somewhere on the invitation swinging from a branch or some of the text. Don’t forget to add a nice phrase on your invitation like,”Let’s Celebrate the New Little Monkey” or “Come Monkey Around for ‘mom-to-be’s name’ Little Boy.”

Baby Bear Baby Shower Invitation Idea

The invitation should have a cute little cub on the front of it–or a the classic honey bear container. You’ll want to use browns, golds, and earthy tones. With this invitation you can have a cute baby shower that’s oriented around Mama and Papa bear having a new little baby bear.

Batter Up Baby Shower Invitation Idea

If you like baseball then you’ll love making an invitation that’s celebrating the next “batter up” in your family. You should pick blue, white, and red for the main colors, and then add a green baseball diamond in the background. Simple enough, right?

It’s a Boy Baby Shower Invitation Idea

This is THE basic of boy invitation ideas. You’re having a boy, so pick a nice blue and use some bold lettering across the top declaring,”It’s a Boy!” If you’re short on time for organizing and getting your baby shower together then this is the best way to go.

You can find some amazing examples of this style of invitation on our Pinterest, so don’t forget to head over there and follow our “Baby Shower Invitations” board. You might even find another invitation idea on there that you’ll love!

Photo Credit: Lilly Willow

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