Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Baby Shower Invitation Over the Moon Theme

Obtaining baby shower invitation ideas that fit your needs can sometime be overwhelming. The purpose of this page is to give you a broad range of baby shower invitation ideas, which you could also use for your baby shower theme.

After asking all of our friends and doing some online research, we came up with some baby shower invitation ideas we thought you might like. Skip to Boy Invitation Ideas, Girl Invitation Ideas, or Twin Invitation Ideas.

Top 10 Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

  • baby shoe invitation ideaBaby Shoe Invitation: Nothing is cuter than a baby shoe (aside from the baby wearing them off course). Use a baby shoe image for your invitation or take the idea a step further and send your baby shower guests an actual baby shoe with the baby shower invitation rolled up inside it. This will be easier to do if you can hand-deliver the invitations and if you do not plan on having many guests attending the shower.
  • baby bottle invitation ideaBaby Bottle Invitation: We all know that baby bottles are a new mother must-have! Use a baby bottle image as part of your invitation or, as suggested above with the baby shoe invitation, send your baby shower invitations rolled up inside a baby bottle. Also, as mentioned above, this will be easier to do if you can hand-deliver the invitations and if you do not plan on having many guests attending the baby.
  • Baby Ultrasound Invitation: This is a very simple and easy idea: use an image of your baby ultrasound as part of your invitation. The ultrasound itself can be what you use as an invitation with the poem, information, and fun design on the backside of it. Another way to include your ultrasound is to use it as the main image in your invitation with the information placed around it.
  • Stork Invitation: How cute is a stork? We all know that storks are the good news bearer when it comes to babies. Use a cute stork cartoon for your baby shower invitations–it adds a nice, playful touch.
  • Baby Block Invitation: ABC and 123 blocks are a baby’s favorite toys. Use a picture of baby blocks as part of your baby shower invitation: you can spell out “baby” with the blocks or the sex of the baby–even the name of the baby if it has been picked already. Another fun idea is to use the numbers to list the baby shower event details (Ex. 1 = name of mother-to-be, 2 = date of baby shower, and so on).
  • Ducky Invitation: We all love a yellow rubber ducky. Use one to personalize your baby shower invites. It can be a great touch to the invitation whether it’s in the center of your invite or in one of the corners, you decide! You can also use a blue rubber ducky for a baby boy shower invitation or a pink rubber ducky for a baby girl shower invitation.
  • Baby Feet Invitation: Baby feet are cute and tiny, and, did we mention, cute! Use baby footprints to decorate your baby shower invitations. It’s very simple and isn’t time consuming to do.
  • Baby Diaper Invitation: Using a baby diaper image for your baby shower invitation is another cute way to celebrate the baby’s arrival. Not to mention, it’s more of a fun, humorous style of invitation too!
  • Baby Bib Invitation: The mother-to-be will have a lot of fun doing the ‘airplane’ with the spoon while feed her baby. So, celebrate this moment by using a baby bib image as part of your invitation. If you want to take your baby shower invitations to another level, you can have the baby bibs custom printed with the baby shower invitations details.
  • Stylish Simplicity Invitation: Keep you baby shower invitations clean and simple. Sometimes less is more :). Use a simple font with a smooth, mellow background color. Maybe add one decorative line separating a poem from the rest, just remember to not go overboard with this one!

Now that you have some ideas on what you want to do for your invitation it’s time to learn how to word your invitations, which can be done by viewing our Invitation Wording page. You’ll have a list of examples, poems, and ideas that can make your invitations absolutely amazing!

Top 5 Boy Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

  • It’s a Boy! This traditional baby shower invitation idea is a great way to let everyone know that there is a baby boy on the way. Use a blue invitation with the word “boy” as the heading–it’s as simple as that.
  • Locomotive Invitation: You can use a vintage locomotive image for your baby shower invitations. Once similar to those used during the gold-rush years works great!
  • Wild West Invitation: Cowgirls beware; a future Wild West cowboy is on the way. Use a Wild West themed invitation for your baby shower.
  • Jungle Safari Invitation: Because you know he will be adventurous, use a Jungle Safari themed baby shower invitation for the future baby boy.
  • James Bond Invitation: We all have a little bit of secret agent in us. Use this world known superspy as an inspiration for your baby shower invitations.

Learn some cute poems or wording ideas to compliment your boy’s baby shower invitation.

Top 5 Girl Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

  • It’s a Girl! Use this traditional baby shower invitation idea announcing to every way that there is a baby girl on the way. Use pink as the background color with “Girl” in big letters as the heading. Super simple and easy!
  • Baby Ballerina Invitation: Because every little girl looks absolutely adorable with a ballerina dress on, use this idea for your baby shower invites. Who knows, maybe the baby will grow to become a top artist!
  • Cupcake Invitation: Cupcakes are yummy and, because they are yummy, they will most likely be present at your baby shower. Use pink cupcakes as décor for your baby shower invitations.
  • Moon and Star Invitation: You can either use this classic invitation idea for your baby shower invitations or, if you know when the baby will be born, you can use the baby’s astrological sign for the baby shower invitations. (This is one of my favorites.)
  • 80’s Dress Invitation: Remember the days of Grease Lightning? If you don’t then you most certainly remember the movie! Feel free to spiffy up your baby shower by using an 80’s theme for your baby shower invitations. You could also make the baby shower 80’s themed and have your guest dress up like so 😀

For wording ideas that will add that extra special touch, check out our page on wording your invitation for a baby girl.

Top 5 Twins Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

  • Two Peas in a Pod Invitation: Use a cute image of two peas in a pod to symbolize the arrival of the twin babies.
  • Water Drops Invitation: Use the image of two drops of water for your baby shower invitations. This is a great idea for twin baby shower invitations.
  • Noah’s Arc Invitation: When the mother-to-be is having twins, this is an adorable choice of theme for your twin baby shower invitations.
  • Chip and Dale Invitation: Use this classic cartoon as an inspiration for your twin baby shower invitations.
  • Double Trouble Invitation: Choose a cute image of two baby animals or two cute babies doing something mischievous together. You know that the baby twins will be each other’s best friends 🙂

Learn some wording tips when creating a baby shower invitation for twins.

Additional Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Including a baby shower poem as part of your baby shower invitation is often a great idea. Also, in order to engage your guests, you can ask them to write a quote or advice for the parents-to-be and have them bring a copy of one of their baby pictures. You can then create a scrapbook where you put the quotes of the guests, their baby pictures, and a current picture of them next to each other – it’s even more fun if you take the current picture during the baby shower event.

If the parents-to-be do not know the sex of the baby yet, have your guests RSVP with an old tale on how to tell whether it will be a baby boy or a baby girl. The guests can talk about food cravings or about the age old necklace trick – where you hold a necklace in front of someone and see how it spins, after that hold the necklace in front of the mother-to-be and see if the necklace spins in the same direction. If so, the baby gender is said to be the same as the gender of the guest, if the necklace spins in the opposite direction it is said that the baby will be of the opposite sex. Write down the results and compare them when the baby sex is finally known. It is always fun to see it the necklace prediction worked or see if any other ‘trick’ was correct in predicting the baby’s gender.

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