Baby Shower Ideas on a Budget

You’ve probably seen pictures of the over-the-top baby showers that celebrities throw.  Most people, however, aren’t able to have flowers flown in from Holland or other such ridiculous touches. Happily, it is possible to throw a fabulous baby shower without spending a fortune. Here are some great baby shower ideas on a budget.

Potluck Shower

Potluck Baby Shower Budget

The food is usually the most expensive part of hosting a baby shower. When you need ideas on a budget, it is tough to beat a potluck. Just ask all the guests to bring a dish, and you won’t have to spend a dime on food. As the hostess, you could provide the punch, cake and the paper plates. Most guests will be happy to bring a dish to share. If you want to keep it organized, you can have a sign-up sheet so you can be sure you won’t have several of the same dishes.




Cake and Coffee Baby Shower

Another way to save money on the food is to hold the shower at a time of day when a cake and coffee shower would be appropriate. By holding the shower in the mid-afternoon or following dinner time, you can serve just cake and coffee.

Be sure to specify that it is a cake and coffee shower on the invitations so that the guests won’t come expecting food.

DIY Baby Shower

For baby shower ideas on a budget think DIY! Do-it-yourself favors, decorations and cake can save you hundreds of dollars. You can find dozens of ideas for very inexpensive DIY baby shower favors and other shower items on user generated sites such as Pinterest.

You can also purchase ready-to-assemble favor kits online that cost a fraction of purchasing favors that are pre-assembled.

Budget Spaces

Another baby shower expense that has the potential to be quite costly is the venue for the shower. Renting a hall or hotel ballroom can cost thousands of dollars. Instead, consider having the shower at someone’s home. During warm weather, you could throw a backyard or garden baby shower. Not only will an outdoor shower save on the cost of renting a venue, but you also won’t have to do as much decorating.

If you and/or the mother-to-be are the member of church then you may be able to rent the church fellowship hall for a very reasonable price.

Everyone Lends a Hand

When hosting a baby shower on a very limited budget, don’t be afraid to ask some of the other guests to help out. You may be surprised at the talent that exists within your circle of friends. Perhaps one person can volunteer to make the cake. Another could help with flower arrangements. Ask people who love the mom-to-be how they think they could contribute to making her shower a success.

These baby shower ideas for a small budget can help you host a shower that will be memorable for the mom-to-be while eliminating some of the financial stress.

Remember, the shower isn’t about expensive décor or fancy food. Instead, it’s about gathering with friends and family to support the mom-to-be during this special time.

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