Baby Shower Ideas on a Budget

You’ve prob­a­bly seen pic­tures of the over-the-top baby show­ers that celebri­ties throw.  Most peo­ple, how­ev­er, aren’t able to have flow­ers flown in from Hol­land or oth­er such ridicu­lous touch­es. Hap­pi­ly, it is pos­si­ble to throw a fab­u­lous baby show­er with­out spend­ing a for­tune. Here are some great baby show­er ideas on a bud­get.

Potluck Shower

Potluck Baby Shower Budget

The food is usu­al­ly the most expen­sive part of host­ing a baby show­er. When you need ideas on a bud­get, it is tough to beat a potluck. Just ask all the guests to bring a dish, and you won’t have to spend a dime on food. As the host­ess, you could pro­vide the punch, cake and the paper plates. Most guests will be hap­py to bring a dish to share. If you want to keep it orga­nized, you can have a sign-up sheet so you can be sure you won’t have sev­er­al of the same dish­es.




Cake and Coffee Baby Shower

Anoth­er way to save mon­ey on the food is to hold the show­er at a time of day when a cake and cof­fee show­er would be appro­pri­ate. By hold­ing the show­er in the mid-after­noon or fol­low­ing din­ner time, you can serve just cake and cof­fee.

Be sure to spec­i­fy that it is a cake and cof­fee show­er on the invi­ta­tions so that the guests won’t come expect­ing food.

DIY Baby Shower

For baby show­er ideas on a bud­get think DIY! Do-it-your­self favors, dec­o­ra­tions and cake can save you hun­dreds of dol­lars. You can find dozens of ideas for very inex­pen­sive DIY baby show­er favors and oth­er show­er items on user gen­er­at­ed sites such as Pin­ter­est.

You can also pur­chase ready-to-assem­ble favor kits online that cost a frac­tion of pur­chas­ing favors that are pre-assem­bled.

Budget Spaces

Anoth­er baby show­er expense that has the poten­tial to be quite cost­ly is the venue for the show­er. Rent­ing a hall or hotel ball­room can cost thou­sands of dol­lars. Instead, con­sid­er hav­ing the show­er at someone’s home. Dur­ing warm weath­er, you could throw a back­yard or gar­den baby show­er. Not only will an out­door show­er save on the cost of rent­ing a venue, but you also won’t have to do as much dec­o­rat­ing.

If you and/or the moth­er-to-be are the mem­ber of church then you may be able to rent the church fel­low­ship hall for a very rea­son­able price.

Everyone Lends a Hand

When host­ing a baby show­er on a very lim­it­ed bud­get, don’t be afraid to ask some of the oth­er guests to help out. You may be sur­prised at the tal­ent that exists with­in your cir­cle of friends. Per­haps one per­son can vol­un­teer to make the cake. Anoth­er could help with flower arrange­ments. Ask peo­ple who love the mom-to-be how they think they could con­tribute to mak­ing her show­er a suc­cess.

These baby show­er ideas for a small bud­get can help you host a show­er that will be mem­o­rable for the mom-to-be while elim­i­nat­ing some of the finan­cial stress.

Remem­ber, the show­er isn’t about expen­sive décor or fan­cy food. Instead, it’s about gath­er­ing with friends and fam­i­ly to sup­port the mom-to-be dur­ing this spe­cial time.

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