Baby Shower Games for Men

The traditional baby shower typically has only the mom-to-be and her female friends and family members attending the festivities. Today’s contemporary mom may wish to have a baby shower that includes the whole family, including the guys. Involving the gents in the festivities is a great way to ensure that everyone gets to celebrate the pending birth of your little one.

There are some great games that you can incorporate into your baby shower so that the guys are able to have just as much fun as the ladies are.

Baby Shower Games for Men

Baby Shower Game for Men #1: Chugging the Baby Bottle

This game can be a lot of fun for everyone! Fill up several inexpensive baby bottles with juice, or an adult beverage if you prefer, and see which of the guys can drink the bottle the fastest. To make it funny, you can ensure that the dad-to-be has the bottle with the smallest hole. This is sure to make for some hilarious moments for everyone. The guy who is able to chug the baby bottle the fastest will be the winner.

men baby shower games

Baby Shower Game for Men #2: Change the Diaper Olympics

This game will give the guys a chance to experience the fun of changing the diapers. With a few dolls and diapers, you can provide the guys with clean diapers and baby wipes. To make things interesting and a little bit funnier, put melted chocolate into the diapers. Melted chocolate, pureed peas and even pureed carrots can make for some interesting experiences for the guys as they change the diapers.

To add another layer of fun to the competition, consider blindfolding the last two standing competitors as they work their way through an apple-juice filled diaper! The guy who can successfully change his baby doll, and ensure that the diaper fits well, is the winner!

Baby Shower Game for Men #3: Make a Baby

This game is sure to inspire plenty of laughs for everyone in attendance. Provide each guy with some Play-Doh and tell them to let their creativity loose to make a baby within 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes, each of the babies can then be judged by the expectant mother who can then select her favorite. This game is lots of fun, and even the kids can get involved if they want to show up their dads.

Baby Shower Game for Men #4: Paint the Baby T-Shirt

This popular game can be as much fun for the guys as it will be for the ladies and even the children in attendance. Get plenty of fabric paints, markers, puff paints, stencils, and brushes, and set it all out on a table. Each guest can create a custom t-shirt for the little one, using as much creativity as he would like to. Not only does this give the guys a great creative outlet during the baby shower, but it also provides the parents-to-be with some really great custom-designed gifts that they are sure to treasure.

baby shower games for men

Baby Shower Game for Men #5: Guess the Story

Have each guest anonymously write down a funny story from their childhood. Read the stories out loud during the baby shower and then take turns guessing who the author of the story is. Another twist on this will be to have the expectant dad’s friends write down hilarious moments and experiences they’ve had as new dads. This not only will provide lots of laughs as everyone tries to guess who the dad was, but it can be very educational for the expectant to learn about diaper blowouts, inside out diapers, bottle incidents, and more!

Co-ed baby showers are gaining in popularity, so it is always great fun to provide the guys with lots of games and entertainment so they feel a part of the festivities.

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