Baby Shower Food Ideas

A baby show­er is a won­der­ful cel­e­bra­tion to help the mom-to-be with wel­com­ing her pre­cious lit­tle one into the world. Beyond the gifts and the games, the food offered at the par­ty is often one of the most antic­i­pat­ed parts of the event; espe­cial­ly antic­i­pat­ed by the hun­gry mama! There are a num­ber of ways that you can approach the menu for the baby show­er, and a fair part of the direc­tion you go in will be influ­enced by the over­all theme of the baby show­er.

There are a few ques­tions you should first deter­mine the answers to:

  • Will the baby show­er be a sit-down event, or will guests min­gle and chat dur­ing the par­ty?
  • Are there any food aller­gies or faith-relat­ed food require­ments to con­sid­er?
  • Does the mom-to-be have any food restric­tions dur­ing her preg­nan­cy?
  • Will the event be host­ed out­doors or indoors?
  • Who will be invit­ed to the par­ty? Is the baby show­er going to include the guys and kids, or just the ladies?

With an idea as to the direc­tion of your baby show­er, you can start to plan your menu. As a gen­er­al rule, it is typ­i­cal­ly advis­able to keep things as sim­ple as pos­si­ble when plan­ning a baby show­er; espe­cial­ly if the baby show­er is going to be host­ed at the new mama’s home. Keep­ing things sim­ple will help to ensure that cleanup is a snap!

Keeping it Fresh

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for Your Baby Shower

Baby Shower Fruit Platter

You sim­ply can’t go wrong with a nice selec­tion of fresh fruit and fresh veg­eta­bles. Sliced pineap­ple, grapes, apples, mel­ons, and oth­er fresh fruits will also make a real­ly attrac­tive dis­play on the food table. Fresh veg­eta­bles like car­rots, cau­li­flower, cel­ery, and even fresh zuc­chi­ni can pro­vide the new mama and her guests a healthy crunch. Be sure to include a few dips for both the fruit and the veg­eta­bles; a nice sweet dip for the fruit and a ranch dress­ing dip for the veg­eta­bles will make every­one hap­py.

Fruit can be served in large bowls with tongs to help with serv­ing it up, or con­sid­er putting the fruit on bam­boo skew­ers for a fun portable fresh treat.

Chips and Dips

A Baby Shower’s Best Friend

baby shower chips and dipYou can’t go wrong with a great selec­tion of chips and dips. Whether you are serv­ing up fresh­ly made gua­camole or a scrump­tious spinach arti­choke dip, your guests are sure to thor­ough­ly enjoy their dip­ping snack. Onion dip, sal­sa, hum­mus, and que­so are oth­er types of pop­u­lar dips.

Serve with tor­tilla chips, crack­ers or with a selec­tion of favorite pota­to chips. Pop Chips are a health­i­er alter­na­tive to fried pota­to chips, and are also great for dip­ping. If you will be serv­ing an assort­ment of crack­ers, con­sid­er also serv­ing a selec­tion of sliced cheese; just make sure to avoid any cheeses that preg­nant women need to avoid due to the live cul­tures inside of the cheese.

Filling Meal Ideas

Satisfy Mama’s Hunger

Very often at a baby show­er, plan­ners tend to want to avoid serv­ing up any meat because it can be a chal­lenge to present and offer to baby show­er guests. In real­i­ty how­ev­er, it is very easy to offer skew­ers of chick­en, plat­ters of deli meat, grilled or boiled shrimp – either on skew­ers or ready for dip­ping with a nice cock­tail sauce, or you could offer bone­less chick­en wings, meat­balls, or even dain­ty slid­er ham­burg­ers.

Per­son­al-sized piz­zas and per­fect­ly cut sand­wich­es are also oth­er great choic­es for your baby show­er. Mini quiche and oth­er small savory tartlets can add an ele­gant touch to your par­ty.

Baby Shower Beverages

Don’t for­get to include a nice selec­tion of drinks for the baby show­er. Vir­gin daiquiris or mar­gar­i­tas are a fun choice, along with alco­hol free cham­pagne. Cof­fee, tea, and fresh lemon­ade are oth­er great refresh­ments to offer to guests.

Baby Shower Dessert Ideas

No baby show­er would be com­plete with­out a selec­tion of scrump­tious desserts, so be sure to offer at least one type of fresh­ly-baked cook­ie and per­haps minia­ture cheese­cakes for a deca­dent delight. Dec­o­rat­ed cup­cakes are a great alter­na­tive to a large sheet cake, and but­ter mints can offer light refresh­ment after every­one has enjoyed their food.

Our social media accounts have tons of ideas on desserts for your baby show­er, so be sure to swing by and check them out. You won’t regret it. Links are pro­vid­ed below.

Even More Food Ideas!

For even more baby show­er food ideas check out our Ide­al Baby Show­er Tum­blr–we’re always post­ing tons of great treats and ideas on there. And that’s not it! Our Pin­ter­est has awe­some food ideas that will make you sooo hungry,–and your guests–we swear (you’ll want to be mak­ing some of the recipes on there before and well after your show­er). If you like what you see don’t for­get to fol­low us!

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