Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

Your baby shower is a truly beautiful and fun day. Whether you are planning your own baby shower or better still planning one for a friend or relative it is always good to start with a theme – something you know that the mom or the couple in the case of his and hers baby showers, hold dear to them.

Does the couple know the sex of the baby they are expecting? This may sound completely obvious but an all baby blue theme for a little boy and a girly pink one for a female baby can be absolutely beautiful. If the couple don’t know the sex of the baby or are keeping it secret then a rainbow theme with beautiful pastel colors and cut out 3D rainbows can be simply magical. Here we look at some fun and pretty ideas for baby shower decoration ideas!


Disposable tableware

baby shower disposable tableware from amazonLovely bright and colorful paper plates, beakers and cutlery add that fun “party” feel. Do you remember when we were kids and we got excited at parties when we were allowed to serve ourselves from the buffet using paper plates? Well this is the vibe you might wish to recreate for your baby shower. A baby shower is not the place for petit fours, fancy glasses and caviar. It’s all about fun and about welcoming your little one and celebrating them. It’s time to lighten up!


Banners and bunting

baby shower banner from amazonYou have just got to have the “mom to be” banners. You can easily have these personalized nowadays as there are many companies online and on the high street which offer this service. Personalized balloons in girl / boy / pretty colors are also a must as well as some gorgeous baby bunting. You could buy a do-it-yourself baby bunting sewing kit which gives your theme that personal touch or if time is short, just buy it ready made. The ones with the little lettered building blocks are particular favorites!


Do me a favor!

baby shower favor from amazonBaby shower favor bags are really popular nowadays and are a great way to thank your guests by giving them a beautiful memento of your special day and one which they can cherish forever! These can be filled with candies, a little print of a scan photo – anything you like and which is personal to you or to the parents if you are arranging the party on their behalf.


Confetti and toppers

baby shower confetti from amazonDon’t forget those all important finishing touches. Baby clothes confetti is one very sweet idea for a baby shower however you can buy confetti in so many different designs such as little feet, building blocks and so on.

How about investing in a cupcake tower and placing little baby themed toppers on each cupcake?

These are just a few ideas to help you get started on planning the best baby shower ever!

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